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Welcome to the Daddios Studios website, thjs is still very much work in progress and as of now January 2020 I haven’t had much time to work on it. Two years ago  I tried to update my blog on a daily basis but this fell by the wayside as work, family life and other events limited the time available for me to develop my skills. Over the past 12 months I have been trying to decide where to focus my attention as I take an interest and enjoy doing all of the following:

I feel I have watched 1000’s of hours of Blender & 2D Tutorials with very little to show for it, so what should I concentrate on in 2018 I ask myself?  I have some serious web development work to do on the site as it now looks very dated and is too large to manage effectively.  

Last year I added an image/photo gallery to the site to act as repository for all my images and photographs relevant to my 3D adventure, there are loads of photographs to still sort and upload. You can access the Image gallery through the button at the top of the page, More information is available on my Wordpress Blog which now I’m self employed I need to start updating much more often.